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pregnancy assistance

Find help at a center near you. Select your state: T-Shirts offers a way for you to wear your pro-life stand and support a cause in multiple ways. To help support this ministry and the help we are offering to save little lives we are launching a line of T-shirts that will be a billboard of pro-life everywhere you go.

Our latest design features our US capital covered with the blood of the innocent. The caption reads: "Abortion is a Capital Offense."

Help us make a statement to Washington!


Visit our support page to get yours today!




Prom Night Testimony



50 Million Project - Sign the Pro-Life Petition

help for pregnant teen
911babies myspace page

911babies Hope Chest
911babies Hope Chest

pregnancy help
Truckers 4 Life

teen pregnancy help
Know More No More Media Campaign


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Help us connect the dots ...

The Abortion Alternative Alliance is a grass roots organization with a goal to become a comprehensive source of information about the alternatives that exist to save the lives of the innocent unborn and to create a network of LIFEHOUSES for mothers-to-be to receive the help and counselling they will need in this critical and often confusing time of their lives. We believe the church has the greatest potential to help these young women in a complete way. Help us CONNECT THE DOTS by having your church become a LIFEHOUSE in the Abortion Alternative Alliance. Go here to find out how.



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