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Memorial Statue of the Unborn

On 28 October 2011 at 16:00 o'clock this work of art was unveiled in Nova Ves Bardejovske, it is a memorial dedicated to unborn children and their mothers. The beautiful work of art is by a young sculptor Martin Hudáèeka of Banska Bystrica. This ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health, MD. Ivan Uhliarik.

The idea to build a memorial to unborn children came community of young women, mothers who are deeply aware of the value of each human life and damage that is inflicted not only a waste of potential unborn children, but also permanent damage intellectual (sometimes physical) health of every woman who chooses to her unborn child conceived. Abortion is not just a simple medical procedure. For many women, it is a life changing event with significant physical, emotional, and SPIRITUAL consequences. Most women who struggle with past abortions say that they wish they had been told all of the facts about abortion and its risks.

People have different understandings of God. Whatever your present beliefs may be, there is a Spiritual side to abortion that deserves to be considered. Having an abortion may affect more than just your body and your mind, IT WILL have an impact on your relationship with God. What is God's desire for you in this situation? How does God see your unborn child (ROMANS 9:11)? These are important questions for you and your partner to consider. God is in control in your deepest and darkest times to Hold, Love and Cherish you and your BABY!

The monument expresses sorrow and regret, not only mothers but also forgiveness and love for the unborn child to mother.

Initiators thank all who contributed financially, or otherwise make this work.

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