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Are You Ashamed of Truth

Have you ever asked yourself one question? Why are the only people who oppose the use of images of an actual abortion the very same people who weren't aborted?

Do you actually believe that the baby in the womb of its mother would want not us to do something to save its life just because it might hurt a born person’s feelings or make them feel guilty?

Massacres and tragedies have been recorded since the beginning of modern civilization in drawings, writings, paintings, printed materials, pictures, videos and online.

Those images have been used to change public opinion and then subsequently change society.

In America, every single successful social movement has used truthful images of the abuse they are trying to stop.

Not some of them, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!

Of course truthful images were not the only thing that was used, but they were used consistently throughout each movement in our history. Perhaps God gave us the inspiration to create the camera and then video technology to use as a tool to stir His people to stand up for righteousness.

And now, in this 21st century of "enlightenment", there are members of this debate attempting to limit the use of all the gifts God has given us to end the slaughter of His most innocent.

To tell you the truth, I am actually tired of the words "graphic images". It conveys something entirely different than what the byproduct of humanism should teach.


What images of abortion show is the historical evidence of mankind abandoning God and embracing evil for selfish reasons.

I realize there are a number of wounded men and women out there who do not want to see first hand their complicity in the taking of a human life. I should know, I allowed the lies of a doctor to influence me to do just that to kill my child. It is pain I live with, but I have repented before God, been forgiven and now I fight for the unborn.

God has forgiven me, but to much who has been given, much is expected, and for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

That means I will use all lawful means to end legalized child killing. That includes the use of Truthful Images in conjunction with Prayer, Sidewalk Counseling, Letter & Editorial Writing, Public Witness, Education, Leafleting, Lobbying, Community Organization, Media, Art, Abortion Recovery, Transportation and all the other tools and gifts God himself has equipped us with in order to prevail in this fight.

Often you will hear people use the fact that some young children may see the signs as the reason not to use truthful abortion images in public.

Tell that to Lila Rose!

She saw an image of a murdered baby when she was just 9 years old and did what any child would do, she asked her mom if they were real!

She said, “It struck me to the heart, and I wondered how could anybody do this to a baby?”

Of course, Lila went on to found Live Action at just 15 years old, and over the next 6 years has become a global force for the Pro-Life movment.

I think most parents don’t want their children to see truthful pictures of abortion because they don’t want to have to answer the questions that could accompany the images.

“Mom, are those pictures real?”

“How could anyone do that to a baby?”

“Have you tried to stop it?”

“Have you had an abortion?”

This conversation could just as easily take place with dad or a mom. I know that it is still hard for me to discuss even after all these years.

The most important thing is that I do share my story, and each time I do, I know that the Angels are singing for the little one I had murdered.

Angels surely know the Truth Will Set You Free and I can tell you that in my case it has. Thank you!

Life Articles