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The Altar of Abortion

By: Matthew Clark

“Today we pray for all the staff at abortion clinics around the nation. May they be daily confirmed in the sacred care that they offer women.”

This is not a satirical prayer. This is the actual prayer of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.

Planned Parenthood has recently put out a pro-abortion prayer guide, 40 Days of Prayer Supporting Women Everywhere, encouraging abortion supporters everywhere to offer prayers of “thanks for abortion providers.”

As Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel, has long said, Planned Parenthood worships at the altar of abortion. Now, here is their prayer guide.

The Planned Parenthood prayer guide calls for prayer for everything from “better access to all forms of birth control” to the pro-abortion “counselors in abortion clinics” who give “wise guidance.”

Here are just a few of Planned Parenthood’s highly disturbing prayers:
•“we give thanks for the doctors who provide quality abortion care.”
•“we pray for elected officials, that they may always support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions [i.e. abortion].”
•“we pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power [of choice, i.e. abortion] by their religion. May they learn to reject fear and live bravely.”
•“we give thanks for abortion escorts who guide women safely through the hostile gauntlets of protesters.”
•“we pray for a cloud of gentleness to surround every abortion facility.”
•“we give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal.”

It goes on to pray that women would be “shielded” from the lifesaving message of prolife advocates on their way to commit an abortion.

One day’s suggested prayer is to “pray for the families we’ve chosen. May they know the blessing of choice.” Think about that for a minute,“the families we’ve chosen”? What about those children who weren’t “chosen”?

Of course, Planned Parenthood and the group they partnered with to write these prayers, Faith Aloud, cannot answer this question, nor do they actually even attempt to debunk the claim that abortion is murder.

Faith Aloud merely states, “When you hear something over and over, like “abortion is murder”, it can get into your head—like a commercial. But if you really believed that abortion was the same as murder you probably wouldn’t even be considering it.” The only solace they can provide is that “in real life things are not black and white.”

Yet, tellingly, they admit that aborted babies are “our children—even those we decide not to bring into the world.”

Planned Parenthood’s prayer guide and their partner Faith Aloud ’s spiritual advice on abortion merely rationalize the taking of a human life; they do not provide any spiritual, much less Biblical, justification for abortion.

It is the only thing you can do when you have convinced yourself that unborn babies are not human beings who enjoy the fundamental human right to life and protection under the law.

Read it for yourself before you try to deny it:
(Deny: refuse to admit the truth or existence of something)

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Image by: 911Babies

The image is a photoshop pic that symbolizes the womans form being made of gold. Gold through death being the idol of Planned Parenthood, as the image of a being of Evil (Live spelled backwards) as it plunges a sword into the idol. Notice how the statue of the woman is embracing the blade, as in she is allowing or choosing the death of her unborn child. Also the blood upon the blade represents the blood of the innocent and the blood of the willingly! Amen

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