Who we are:

We are Christians, what is a Christian in Acts 11:26 KJV it states “And the disciples were called Christians” the disciples were followers of Jesus Christ. As a Christian we are not simply followers of a religion but we are called “Live Like Jesus”, Christianity is a way of Life! It is God showing His love for us and through us.
True Christians are not weaklings who stand for whatever the world offers, we are soldiers who embrace the core truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which cannot be compromised. Whenever people or groups attempt to destroy or undermine the true Church of Jesus Christ and the core truths of the Gospel, extreme measures are called for, we are that measure, we are called to show our passion for Life. To us the P.A.S.S.I.O.N. for Life, stands for Power Anointed Servants Save Innocent Ones NOW! In America and beyond lives are truly at stake and the Church in America must use every Spiritual weapon, gifts, and any means to show it’s Love and Compassion for the least of these, for the Innocent Ones. This battle is one that must be fought, we are called to turn the heart of America back to the truth of Jesus Christ and give them a Passion for Life. Amen.

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Mission statement:

Under the Authority of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and the Restoration Church and with your local church or ministry and Christworks Youth Outreach of Medicine Lodge Kansas, we are the God ordained leaders for His future Pro-Life revival in America. God has called us to show the Church in America how to respond to the cry of the Unborn and to speak His truths so we may embrace God’s Blessings of Life. We are an answer to many prayers, we are a God given advantage, we are the Abortion Alternative Alliance and we are here for Life!



The cost is worth the sacrifice. Our hope in Jesus is what we will get, He is coming Soon! He will reward the Church with His blessings and we look forward to His return as we prepare His Bride, the Church to be forever with Him. God has chosen us to defeat and destroy the power often accepted as the final authority in Life issues known as “Planned Parenthood”. The final authority is not theirs, it belongs to Christ Jesus in all His glory and honor, forever and ever! God will achieve this victory and His plans and purposes for our God given nation, America will shine forth through our faith and desire to join Him in the fight against evil and the destruction of Life of the Unborn. The funny part is He knows He Wins, so for now evil is having a final fling in desperation already knowing God’s time is near and His ultimate victory is already upon us.

The Plan for 911babies.com:

We now live in a world where "choice" is sold as morally right, and "Life" is snickered at. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion being peddled about as truth. 911babies.com is joining the fight against this tide of false truth. Planned Parenthood is the leading organization protecting Roe-v-Wade and promoting the disregard of the most innocent of us all, the unborn. This well funded organization has an extensive website to use as an avenue for their propaganda of being pro-abortion.

Our vision for 911babies.com is to be a site that will not be preachy, but filled with information to help expectant mothers make an informed decision based on truth. There will be articles on adoption and the agencies that help place the child in a good Christian home. Articles on parenting will also be included for those that may have some fear of this option. Information on abstinence and staying pure will also be included. There will also be numerous resources and contact information for assistance services, and encouraging stories from around the country of how God did great things with children that were given the gift of life.

We also welcome your ideas on how this site can be a wealthy resource to those seeking the truth and alternatives to abortion. Contact us with your ideas.

The site has been in operation since September 2005 and continues to grow.


The Plan for the Alliance:

The Abortion Alternative Alliance will become a national network of churches that are willing to provide counsel and support to expectant mothers in their area that have no where to turn for help. The Alliance churches will be listed on this site so that someone looking for help will be able to find these LIFEHOUSES and get the help they need. Details on a church becoming a LIFEHOUSE in the Alliance will be posted on the Alliance page soon.







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