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Welcome to the next phase of 911Babies, the Legacy Life Center.

Many years ago God took our family on a journey into the heart of America. He called us to walk away from life as we knew it, loved ones, home, employment and to follow Him into the wilderness. We first arrived in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, 8-31-01, arriving there with no job, place to live or clue to why God sent us there. The bank sign in town read the temperature that day was 111, as we pulled our moving truck into town with our red Jeep Cherokee hooked to it.

The fear and excitment of the unknown welcomed us, knowing no answers but only the One who holds all answers. Fully trusting on God who called and we answered, we were now here. Living in Christ with our lives at His beckon call, destiny unknown, no plan and full of Godly vision to do and know His will as in the faith of a child. My family and myself lived there for three years, building two youth centers and being a licensed foster care home. Those days seem a lifetime away, but now they are treasured memories full of God's provision to touch lives. This desire has been struggling to surface again, now here in SC many miles from KS. As we hear the call again, "Return and finish what I created you do" the echo is in my spirit, the voice is the still small voice in the storm. The storms of life, rage and beat upon us taking their toll upon our bodies and minds. We beg of you as well as ourselves to rebuke these storms in the name of Christ.

Called by God on April 19th, 2000, with no training, skills, funds or support we heard and answered the call. Full of desire and vision but not the means to fulfill it. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18, "without vision the people perish". It's funny as I typed those words the word "our" slipped into that verse. Without OUR God given vision people perish, Amen?

As 911Babies we are a cry in the darkness, a voice in the wilderness and a hope for the children of tomorrow. We are inviting you to be part of a legacy to save lives, for legacy is the distance between birth and fulfillment of your God given destiny. Do not take your dreams or visions lightly for they are like children within you awaiting birth.

This letter is an invitation to invest into a God given vision. We have been granted the chance to purchase a 27 bed nursing home on several acres of land. This will be a training center for people to be taught the value of life though biblical truths. As it also provides shelter, love and hope to the least of these and their mothers. Though this invitation we invite you and yours to be part of this legacy of hope! We have been given a year to raise the funds to purchase this awesome facility and are raising 144,000 dollars to purchase this facility.

For the amount of one dollar all who give to this project will not only have their name posted on our website but it will also be recorded in our Book of Remembrance. A way for all to see who come though these doors the names of the one's who cared enough about them and the value of life to provide such a facility. This vision comes by prayer and God's Word of Malachi 3:16 which reads, "Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His name." Also the amount of the one dollar embraces the principals of the widow who gave her all, embracing not the amount you give but the reason you give. A child is even able to add their name to this legacy, for any name added will be there as long as this facility stands. The Legacy Life Center will be here for the generations to come as it provides many the tools, knowledge and ability to fulfill their calling as a Pro-Life representative of Christ Jesus! We welcome you to join with us for saving lives is truly a 911 emergency.

L - Love more than the world thinks is possible.
E - Educate more than the world thinks is needed.
G - Give more than the world cares to give.
A - Accept the calling the world says you can't.
C - Care more than the world thinks is wise.
Y - Youth are tomorrows hope that the world cannot see.

The Legacy Life Center is going to be located in a small rural community of 2,500 in the 'Heart of America' in a lil town called Medicine Lodge, Kansas. This facility has been used as a nursing home and a training facility for the handicapped. The facility takes on the shape of a cross when viewed by satellite computer viewing programs.

The building is constructed of concrete with a metal roof, it contains 27 bedrooms in the 17,474 sq.ft. the facility covers. Some of the bedrooms are 24 x 18 and have 1/2 bath and closets. Also just to west of the facility is a duplex that has 2 one bedroom apartments. This building is 1,008 sq.ft. and it is need of some repair, staff housing.

The price for this awesome life saving facility is $144,000 and we need your prayers and support! This is not just our legacy but it is yours as well, to be here for years to come. So join with us in this awesome venture and tell everyone about this project of love in action. Thanks and God bless!

Features include:

  1. 3 offices and 2 waiting rooms
  2. Soiled linen closet
  3. Mop closet
  4. House keeping closet
  5. Nursing supplies room
  6. Institutional kitchen (no appliances)
  7. Large dining room
  8. Beauty shop
  9. Men's and Women's restrooms
  10. 2 Meeting rooms
  11. Physical therapy room
  12. Nurse's station (glass room)
  13. Intercom system



“Do you help and assist as well as preach?”
“ A Tabernacle of Hope” Isaiah 4:6 KJV

We are to be a Christian Parenting home located in the beautiful state of Kansas. Established through vision and prayer, then to be birthed into existence in the year of 2013. Now stepping forward into tomorrow by using all resources available to touch lives and change hearts.

We are love in action! We are chosen and equipped to fill this need in which we provide quality care for the least of these and their mothers. We are artists who work with the colors of life, and can show others how to mix their gifting and the resources they have to paint a beautiful picture of fulfillment. A life of purpose, passion and prayer! Not by just teaching and preaching but by living the example of a strong Christian home. We are called to offer mother and child hope and love! Read More...




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