We here at 911 Babies welcome you to our next stage of growth, a provision ministry to assist and provide physical needs to teen or single moms and families needing assistance. How many of us hate or despise abortion and the pain and suffering it brings? Many of us would stand and picket an abortion clinic or try to pass out literature to the one’s arriving at the clinics and some even remember to pray.

That’s fine but you are really offering only “words”, be they words of encouragement or written words in the form of a brochure that will be discarded. Words can and will be empty without action, amen? We have a vision of a place parents of new born or young children can come and be treated with the Love and respect they deserve for choosing life. They have chose the gift of life and we in turn choose to bless them for doing so. Our desire is to provide clothing, diapers, bottles, bedding, and much more for them at no cost, yes for FREE

FREE is a word that is misunderstood in our society, FREE actually means someone else paid for it. Like when Jesus died on the cross, He paid the cost for our sins So in turn salvation is FREE to us who accept and believe in Him. John 3:16

The 911 Babies Hope Chest is being created to fulfil this calling and we need your HELP, prayers, finances and desire to touch lives with Hope and Compassion. We need YOU Men, women and children of all ages can be part of this ministry to embrace Life. In the first paragraph I mentioned the one’s arriving at the abortion clinics, now I ask you to understand the one’s who chose abortion. Why? Perhaps they thought no one would HELP them or they thought they could not afford a baby and his/her needs? And they may have been thinking it is so easy for you to stand there and offer me“words” but no real HELP Now with your HELP we will be offering not only words and prayers but action and gifts
If you’ve had an abortion or been hurt by someone who has, we offer restoration from the brokenness and joy from the sadness. Join with us and embrace the 911 Babies Hope Chest We offer all a “P.A.S.S.I.O.N. for Life” in a Christ filled ministry of Hope and Healing

Here are some pictures:

We will be notifying as many Churches, Pregnancy Support Centers, Dept. of Social Service offices, individuals and families about 911 Babies Hope Chest. We will also need volunteers to help with gathering of items and sorting them when they arrive at the Hope Chest.

911 Babies Hope Chest accepts new and gently used clothing from newborn to size 6 and such items as blankets, shoes, socks, bibs, sleepers, onesies, crib sheets, new bottles, diapers, hooded towels, wash clothes, new pacifiers, wipes, diaper cream, diaper bags, lotion, age appropriate toys, car seats of all stages (less than 5 years old), high chairs, cribs, bassinettes, strollers, baby bathtubs, baby monitors, and anything else that would be for a newborn-size 6 boy and girl.

Financial donations made to the 911 Babies Hope Chest are used to pay the expenses of the building rent, utilities and to purchase any necessity items for newborn through size 6, this includes crib mattresses, cribs and such items. 911 Babies is a non profit ministry with a 501c3. Therefore all donations are tax deductible.

Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of 911 Babies Hope Chest Ministry and please get in contact with us.


Eddie & Crystal DeHart






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