On January 22,2008 it was the 35th year of legal abortion in America. The figure of 50,000,000 is the amount of aborted children reported by Alan Guttmacher Institute a Planned Parenthood research affiliate. Planned Parenthood is the leading abortion provider in America with a multitude of abortion clinics scattered throughout the U.S. and many other countries.

We here at the Abortion Alternative Alliance feel the 50,000,000 or 50 million number is a breaking point for America and it's founding beliefs. Have we as a God fearing country lost touch with the reality of abortion? The simplest and most truthful way to define abortion is the premeditated murder of a innocent baby.

How much innocent blood can we as a nation endure? Fifty million of our son's and daughter's silenced into eternity, but their cries will echo time itself. Fifty million dead babies taken from their mother's womb. Causalities of a battle, lost in the war of life, POW's or MIA's? I think not more like innocent victims of Choice.

The population of the United States of America in the year 2000 was recorded in our nation's census at 281,421,906 and it is estimated the population for 2008 will at or above the figure of 303,344,000. Therefore the pro-life base should reach or exceed 50 million easily, the abortion supporters claim that the population is equally split when it comes to the life issues. With that in mind a powerhouse of 50 million pro-life supporters should be a database that will rock the congressional foundation the US government.

Fifty million voices crying out as one will not only require congressional attention but will demand it! So this project is a attempt to gather and record the info needed to complete a congressional petition, one that will address the abortion issue and bring attention to the tax funded abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Please sign this petition and know with your voice you will be heard, you will make the difference in the lives of million's to come. Thank You



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